What's your problem?

Seriously. We’re not trying to pick a fight in a bar. At Media Rocket, we actually want to know what your business’s biggest marketing, digital or data challenge is,because we can solve it for you.

We’re a multi-channel digital marketing company that specialises in helping tech companies to attract and convert more prospects into real leads.

Along the way, we track and measure everything possible, design smoother client processes, and improve team performance.

At Media Rocket, we speak everyone’s language: the language of deep digital, the language of tech, and the language of businesspeople – like you.

We create strategies and solutions, we consult, and we produce rock-solid results.


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What do we do?

In a world that runs mostly on data, knowledge really is power.Media Rocket combines what you already know about your business with what we know about data, to optimise the returns on your digital marketing investments.We’re results-obsessed because, in the absence of actionable insights that lead to real movement in terms of leads and bottom line, it’s all just talk and hot air. These are the pick ‘n mix, packaged or solo services we offer to our clients:


  • Back-end SEO
  • SEM (Google Ads)
  • Social media marketing
  • Measurement & reporting


  • Business intelligence
  • Analytics & insights
  • Data & compliance
  • Measurement & reporting


  • Digital strategy development
  • Digital business planning
  • Business digitisation strategies
  • Migration strategies


  • Mobile apps
  • Website & web app development
  • e-Commerce experiences
  • User journey development

Just some of our clients

Just some of our clients

Why work with us?

1. We understand

Leaping without looking? Bad business practice. We think, investigate and plan carefully before taking any action, to ensure that we get your business and its needs.

2. We implement

Our digital and data solutions are focused, targeted and designed to produce results. Every action we take is directed, with purpose and intention, at a goal.

3. We analyse

Digital is a frisky puppy. It changes all the time. So, to do our job properly, our team must evaluate, learn, adapt, and revisit.

4. We evolve

To remain aligned with your business’s specific needs, we must be flexible. Our solutions must react, shift, accommodate. That’s evolution.

We're keen to meet you

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hello@mediarocketstudio.com   //   +27 11 568 97601st floor, Building 5, Bryanston Gate, Homestead Ave, Bryanston
hello@mediarocketstudio.com   //   +27 11 568 97601st floor, Building 5, Bryanston Gate, Homestead Ave, Bryanston