The Media Rocket team, led by Bjorn and Rhys, is a tight unit of smart people (yes, we’re that good). Our mission, should you choose to have us enact it for you, is to build your brand’s value through intelligent, data-driven digital solutions.

En route, you’ll find that we take our work seriously… but almost nothing else.

And why are we so serious about our work? Because digital isn’t just fully embedded in today’s world. It is today’s world. Marketing, advertising, and sales transactions happen on websites, smartphones, social media platforms, and apps. Customers interact on multiple digital channels and over longer periods of time.

So we’ve mandated ourselves to help you gather the right data across all digital channels, understand what it’s telling you, and make the right decisions.

P.S. There are no precious snowflakes here. We’re happy to work alongside your existing suppliers in developing and executing your digital campaigns.

Is it really a team photo if it’s not super cheesy?